Figure 2. Removing the fan shroud.


2. Remove the 2, 8-mm nuts at top of fan shroud (Figure 2). These could be Phillips screws. Lift the shroud out. Front of the engine looks like Figure 3.


Figure 3. With the fan shroud removed, the front of the engine is accessible.


3. Remove the timing belt cover. The top two 10-mm bolts are the same length, 1 3/4" (Figure 4). The left bottom bolt (Figure 5, shown in booklet) is a longer 10-mm head bolt--2 3/4". The bottom right bolt (Figure 6, shown in booklet) is a 12-mm head and is 2 3/16" long.


Figure 4. The two top 10-mm bolts, one already removed, the wrench on the other. Some models have Phillips screws. Both bolts are 1 3/4" long.


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