A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing the Timing Belt on the 240 Volvo non-B230 Engine  A two wrench job
   A two wrench job: normal timing belt replacement.
   A two and 1/2 wrench job: replacing the tensioner roller of Figure 20. Replace after 135,000 miles or every other time you do the timing belt.





 A three wrench job: replacing the front oil seals of the camshaft, auxiliary shaft, and crankshaft when replacing the timing belt. Volvo recommends changing the oil seals every other time you do the timing belt. If the bottom or sides of the timing belt cover are oily, then most likely you've got a bad oil seal. I don't have instructions for this because I screwed up the photos, and I haven't had the opportunity to take new photos, i.e., I haven't replaced any more seals lately. This is a difficult task, folks, because most people don't have the specialized Volvo tools, and you have to remove the crankshaft pulley nut. Replacing oil seals adds another 4-6 hours to a timing belt job. If you need oil seals replaced, I recommend having a professional mechanic replace them and the timing belt for this one time.


i) Please read booklet beforehand.

ii) I also recommend replacing the fan belts at the same time you replace the timing belt. For the 1976-1984 240, this is a straightforward job. See Appendix.


Overhead camshaft engines

1. Put the car in neutral. Set handbrake. Block wheels.

Remove the 4, 10-mm nuts that hold the fan to the waterpump pulley hub (Figure 1). Use a thin box-end wrench for initial loosening (and final tightening), as the nuts are easily rounded. An open-end wrench is fine otherwise. (Sometimes a stud comes off. Use Loctite, medium strength, on the waterpump-pulley-side threads of any loosened stud when reassembling.) Pull fan out.

Figure 1. Removing the fan.


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